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How to Apply

CCHS attracts a wide variety of students from all geographic areas and socioeconomic groups in Albuquerque. Students interested in a challenging academic and career focused program are encouraged to apply.

Interested students must complete the application form and questionnaire, and must provide transcripts. 

You must be an incoming 10th, 11th, or 12th grader to be eligible for CCHS and CNM’s dual credit coursework. The following must also be true:

Incoming student eligibility
Incoming 10th Incoming 11th Incoming 12th

5 credits posted on transcript that include:

  • Algebra I, Geometry, or equivalent
  • English 9
  • 1st year of Science

13 credits posted on transcript with previous grade level requirements that include:

  • 2nd year of math (Geometry or equivalent)
  • English 10
  • 2nd year of Science

19 credits posted on transcript with previous grade level requirements that include:

  • Algebra II or equivalent
  • English 11
  • 1.5 Social Studies


Application Packet and Deadlines

The application packet will be posted each spring and contain the application deadlines for submitting the application.

2018 - 2019 Application Packet

The Application Packet and transcripts should be submitted to the CCHS Administrative Office located at:

  • 525 Buena Vista Dr SE, Bldg S, Room 103.

Packets should be submitted by noon on the deadline dates:

  • 10th grade students - July 27, 2018
  • 11th grade students - June 1, 2018
  • 12 grade students - April 20, 2018 - Update our 2018-2019 Senior class is full and we are no longer accepting applications

Enrollment Requirements

At CCHS, CNM courses fulfill elective credit requirements for high school graduation; therefore, in the fall and spring terms, CCHS students must be enrolled in both APS and CNM classes.

In the summer, students must take CNM classes. APS has established minimum enrollment requirements for high school graduation. For CCHS students, the minimum enrollment requirement is four credits in the fall, four in the spring, and two credits in the summer. Typically, in the fall and spring of the sophomore and junior year, two of the credits are high school courses and the other two are college courses; in the summer both credits are college courses. In the fall and spring of senior year, one credit is a high school course, the other three are college courses. See the Course Catalog for schedule samples.

All CCHS students are required to take all standardized tests. Also, students must meet minimum enrollment requirements to participate in athletics or activities per New Mexico Activities Association regulation.

After being accepted to CCHS, students will receive instructions from the Academic Coach about preparing for and taking the ACCUPLACER. The ACCUPLACER is a test that assesses skills in reading, sentence skills (English) and math to determine which college-level classes the student is prepared to take. CNM has established the minimum scores needed to enroll in college classes. Students who need to improve their ACCUPLACER scores have access to various supportive programs, such as college success courses, summer session and tutoring.

Transfer Students

Students entering from schools other than APS must provide official documentation (an official transcript) of grades and credit earned. Students from a non-accredited school will receive credit on a pass/fail basis per APS policy. Students who have been home-schooled must provide a portfolio demonstrating evidence of work accomplished, a summary of courses taken and credits earned, and supporting information (standardized test scores, textbooks, curriculum, etc.). Our staff will review the portfolio to determine appropriate credit in accordance with curriculum standards from the New Mexico Public Education Department.