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Academic Coach

CNM Admissions & Registration

  • Help students with CNM Admissions. 
  • Register (add and/or drop) for CNM classes and provide ongoing support. 
  • Assist students with CNM graduation application. 

CCHS Coaching

  • Advise on CNM course selection and track progress toward degree/ certificate. 
  • Monitor CNM “Academic Standing” and co-develop success plans with students not in Good Standing. 
  • Explore CNM academic programs. 
  • Connect students to physical and online CNM resources (see page 14-15). 
  • Coach students towards their academic, personal, or financial goals. 
  • Support with career development pathway. (career exploration, job shadow, etc.

Shared Services with School Counselor

  • Encourage students to complete CNM degree (and then transfer/enter career). 
  • Support students to attend post-secondary after HS.
    • FAFSA completion 
    • Scholarship application assistance 
    • Research of and application to non-CNM colleges 
  • Access textbooks for CNM classes through APS. 
  • Help students discern career/ academic interests. 
  • Provide support to students, including those in crisis. 
  • Communicate with parents about CNM and CCHS expectations, FERPA, and general information. 
  • Coordinate college prep events. 
  • Support student success. 
Academic Coach

Diane Craig
(505) 224-4124