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February 2015: CCHS Gets a Mascot!
Posted 2/1/15

Now in its second year (the same as CCHS!), National School Choice Week gives schools of choice the opportunity to gain visibility while celebrating their unique status within their communities. This year, College and Career High School was invited to participate. So it was in the name of school pride that the administration decided to hold a contest in which students would choose the design inspiration for our mascot, Luna the Nightwolf.

We were lucky enough to receive four fantastic submissions from three of our seniors: Brandon Bennett, Ashley Balke, and Helen Comellas. Copies of their submissions were placed around the school and the rest of the student body was invited to vote for their favorite. Students proved to have many different opinions about each of the submissions, but one thought united them all: the choice was difficult.

The votes have been counted and the students have spoken. It was a close race, but Ashley Balke’s submission came out on top, and CCHS used National School Choice Week (January 25-31) to celebrate Mascot Appreciation Week. Ashley’s design was posted around the school and was officially submitted to CNM’s graphic department to be used as inspiration for Luna the Nightwolf. We are so proud to have had so many students take an interest in the shaping of such an important part of our school’s history!

Photo of Ashley Blake with her winning design