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April 2016 - Seniors Reflect on CCHS

Taya Sanchez

Photo of Taya Sanchez

Thank you teachers and staff of CCHS. Without you we would not have had the amazing opportunity of going to such a unique high school. You guys have given us a head start into our future, a chance most aren’t lucky enough to receive. Not only were we given our high school education, but also motivation for all education in the future. This is a debt we can only repay by promising our success.

Edgar Cardenas

Photo of Edgar Cardenas

CCHS overall is a great school and I am glad that I chose this school because it has good teachers. Some teachers are harder than others, but they are all great people. The teachers really think about your schedule and are flexible with assignments, which is something that really helps when you are taking 3 to 5 college classes. Also these awesome teachers are the best because they become like family helping you in whatever you need.

Clarissa Garcia

Photo of Clarissa Garcia

I have had to change schools and bid farewell to everything I had ever known as a young high school freshman. I have had to sacrifice times with friends in exchange for a painstaking night of homework. At times, I have felt like I was running, desperately putting pieces of myself together as I go. But the reason I make these choices is for the hope of creating a better future. And by seeing all of the people that have made this choice with me, I can feel that it was all worth it.

Joshua Jacob

Photo of Joshua Jacobs

No other high school can compare in how supportive, warm-hearted, and encouraging the teachers and staff are at CCHS.

Harley Tucker

Photo of Harley Tucker

I want to talk about the amazing opportunity all of us were given when we began our journey at CCHS. We all have been attending college full time while still in high school and that is beyond amazing. I have always brushed off how big a deal this is but recently it has hit me how big a deal our experience with CCHS and CNM really is. When I first heard about this school it seemed almost unrealistic, getting a big chunk of college done for free and still be in high school? Please sign me up! This has meant a whole new journey, a life I had never imagined possible. If I was asked to go back and stay in a traditional high school I would immediately say no.

Diana Perales

Photo of Diana Perales

Most of us walking out of the CCHS halls this month will already have a set plan where we are going or what we want to study. CCHS has not only prepared us for college but for life. Without CCHS I would never have found my passion for chemistry, let alone received my Associates Degree in chemistry at the same time as high school graduation.

Oscar Machado

Photo of Oscar Machado

In my freshman year I did not find school important.  I never tried to set a future for myself. I started attending CCHS and it changed that for me. Once I took my first college class, it made me realize that education can send me towards a really positive direction… My degree program at CNM is Criminal Justice. I have the opportunity to walk out of graduation and go into the APD.

Katie English

Photo of Katherine English

I am being awarded two degrees from CNM… these two Associates degrees have been earned over three years while doing dual credit at CCHS. I’m not going to lie: it was challenging at times. The teachers at CCHS were so understanding of the stress and pressure that comes with doing dual credit. They allowed us to take the time we needed. They gave us help when we needed. The teachers here knew that this wasn’t a traditional school, yet they still found a way to give us the education we needed while helping us and supporting us through earning college credits, degrees, and certificates at the same time.

Posted by: Jessie Jobs Published:4/1/16
Audience: Activities and Life at CCHS