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May 2015: Senior Reflections


Photo of Allen Gutierrez

I have nothing but good things to say about CCHS.  At CCHS, you actually build a personal relationship with the teachers, and they want you to succeed.  They care about your success, and they push you to do your best. They offer help no matter the time and always relate our schoolwork to real life scenarios.


Photo of Mikaylah Simpson

We have all come a long way since we started at this school.  We are all now very comfortable with college classes and feel more capable of succeeding within them. We have all benefitted from this program. This program allowed us to gain many college credits and academic confidence. We can now face college wherever we go with the confidence and pride that we have developed here at CCHS.


Photo of Christian Lopez

When CCHS first opened, some students came to make a difference in their lives by taking CNM classes, while others came because they were forced to. But the school pulled through by giving every one of its students the opportunity to earn their degree before graduating from high school and showing us what it means to take our future into our own hands.


Photo of Justin Johnson

This school is truly like no other school. It’s on a college campus where we are held to a higher standard. We go by two sets of rules, APS and CNM. But that’s not the only thing about this school. Our school is small. For the most part, everyone knows everyone. There is such a close teacher-student relationship here which, in my opinion, is a vital part of the education system.


Photo of Elena Schneider

CCHS is life-changing in only the best of ways. For the many of us who went to a typical public high school at some point, we can most likely say that in complete honesty. At this school we were able to begin our path into higher education.


Photo of Evelyn Morales

Now that I know what college feels like I won’t be as scared when I transfer to the university. I will be more comfortable going to a bigger campus because I had the experience of going to this school.  I’ve been able to get so many credit hours out of the way. I am happy to say that I will be graduating with 51 credit hours.


Photo of Amy Richardson

At the start of my junior year I jumped head-first into the opportunity that this high school offered, and it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made in regards to my education… I was encouraged to be the best that I could be by everyone around me. My friends, my family, my teachers, and even people I barely knew encouraged me to not just do well, but to do what I could to the best of my abilities.


Photo of Ashley Jackson.jpeg

Most high school students do not get the opportunity that we do. We did not just get the chance to graduate but got the chance to get college certificates, a college degree, to get ahead of everyone else. CCHS staff has helped us get on the right track. They’ve helped us start our education toward the career we want.


Photo of Liam O Grady

As a dual-credit student, I have had a particularly unique high school experience. As a college student, I was treated as an adult. I was expected to do adult-level work, both in and out of class, and I was given the choice of what I wanted to do. I was allowed to pick what classes I wanted, and I was allowed to formulate how and when I would take those classes.


Photo of Kana Featherston

CCHS is not like any other high school, and I am glad I discovered this place when I did. The faculty here really built back up my hope for my education with their helpful advice and their unwavering determination to help us out in school, all delivered with a smile.

Posted by: Jessie Jobs Published:5/1/15
Audience: Activities and Life at CCHS